Plot Elements In American Born Chinese

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In American Born Chinese, there are many plot elements used to make readers feel multiple things. Three elements I will be talking about in this essay are parallel plots, foreshadowing, and conflict. I will give some examples from the story that show how the author used the three plot elements. I will also explain whether or not I think these plot elements were successfully used. In all three stories, the author uses parallel plots to create suspense and surprise. The story first starts out with the Money King and then it switches over to Jin-Wang’s story: from Jin-Wang’s story it switches to Danny’s. When the comic randomly switches perspectives in the second chapter readers are surprised because they probably weren’t expecting multiple stories in one. All three have similar conflicts so switching the stories makes readers want to know if the stories are connected and if so, how. Thus creating…show more content…
Arriving at the party for all the Gods, the Monkey King had tried to get in. However, the Gods laugh at him and kick him out because he isn’t wearing shoes and he he 's a monkey. Due to the conflict at the party, readers question what the Monkey King will do next after he is humiliated and kicked out. The author effectively uses this plot element because it is made clear that the Monkey King did not belong with the Gods and the conflict makes readers want to keep reading to find out what happens. In conclusion, American Born Chinese successfully uses plot elements to have multiple effects on readers. All three stories use parallel plots because they are different perspectives and stories put together to create a bigger story. Jin-Wang’s story uses foreshadowing by having details that relate to the Monkey King. Lastly, the Monkey King’s story uses conflict and keeps the readers wanting to know how the conflict is dealt with. All three plot elements were successfully used to create emotions within the
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