Reaction Paper About A Christmas Carol

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‘‘A Christmas Carol’’ Summary The story of this movie that I saw was called ‘‘A Christmas Carol’’ it is about one person named Scrooge that hate Christmas so three spirits come to visit him and show him different things of Christmas. Scrooge learn a lesson and for now on he celebrated Christmas. It was a man called Scrooge that hate Christmas. His friend and bussines man called Marley die in one Christmas day and Scrooge have to pay the mortician to bury Marley but because Scrooge just like money he don’t want to pay him. Seven years past and Scrooge have a new assistant called Bob Cratchitt. Bob always care about his family so he work so hard because he is a poor people. When Scrooge get to his home and go up stairs he found…show more content…
The its sound three bangs and each bangs make the ghost of Christmas present die. Then the ghost of Christmas future come to the big clock and it was the death and then the ghost of Christmas future try to kill him and take him to hell. The ghost of Christmas show to scrooge someone death in the bed. Then they go to Bob Cratchitt house and show Tiny Tim death in the bed. After some times past the ghost of christmas future take him to the cementary and Scrooge look what was writed in the gravestone and he see it’ name in the gravestone rock and he was scar and warrie because he see the he die in the christmas day. Then a big hole opens and Scrooge was going to fall in it. He was suplicatin to the ghost of christmas future (the death) don’t let him fall in the hole, but then he appear in his bead and look that the three ghost that visit him gave him a second chance so he can celebrated again christmas. Scrooge was a happy man but he wants to play a joke to Bob Crathcitt so he was like a grumpy man but he then said to Bob that he would have a rise up salary and that it could help Tiny Tim to be better. Scrooge started to celebrated christmas and helping Bob Cratchitt to help Tiny Tim to get better from his leg so Tiny Tim could survive in one
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