Plot Summary Of Captain Kidd By Tom Walker

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Plot Summary Captain Kidd is the first character to be introduced in the story. He buried his ill-gotten wealth in the swamp near Boston. The swamp itself is described as dismal swamp meaning it was a source of dejection. Old scratch, which is a devil in this story, guarded the immorally acquired buried treasure. However, after Kidd burying his money, he was arrested in Boston and later killed in England for his offenses. He never enjoyed his buried wealth. Tom Walker is the main character in the story. He is mean. Tom lived near the swamp with his wife who was abusive and greedy like him. On his way home one evening, he passed through the marsh. The devil talked to him and explained how the swamp land was his property. Trees had some names of great like Deacon Peabody of Boston and Crowninshield the rich man. The devil requested Tom to sell his soul to him in exchange for Kidd 's wealth. When he got home, he shared the issue with his wife. His greedy wife was willing tom to strike a deal with a devil. Tom didn 't agree. His wife decided to get the devil herself. She went to the swamp several times but returned home unsuccessful. One day, she went to get the devil, and she was killed. When Tom learned about her death, he felt free that he could sell his soul. He sold his soul to the devil and became wealthy that he could give mortgages to the people. Later, the devil came for him, and he disappeared. Choices that author chose in writing the story development Washington
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