Plot Summary Of Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump starts off in the peaceful setting of Greenbow, Alabama. Forrest lives with his single mother while his father is always “on vacation” as Mrs. Gump says. They have a rather large house and Victorian looking house with trees all around and a classic dirt driveway. His mother rents out all the extra rooms in the house to travelers to keep the family on their feet. During this time, young Forrest happens to meet a young gentleman named Elvis that stays in their home for a few nights and even gives him a few dance moves before he leaves. Forrest has scoliosis and he has to wear leg braces to keep him standing up straight which leads to bullying from other kids, along with his I.Q. of 75 that almost made it nearly impossible for him to go to public school. Through all of the bullying because of his physical and mental handicap that Forrest has, he is still able to finish school with the help of his childhood sweetheart, Jenny, and his Momma. Once Forrest braces are off he gets to go play football for Alabama because of his tremendous speed; after winning a state championship he gets to meet President Kennedy. Forrest gets recruited to join the U.S Army and fight in the Vietnam War under the command of Lieutenant Dan. He gets awarded the Medal of Honor after saving his friends during combat even after getting shot in the process and in his recovery picks up a knack for ping pong and goes to play internationally. Not long after he founds Bubba Gump Shrimping Co.,
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