Plots In High Noon And The Most Dangerous Games

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High Noon and "The Most Dangerous Games" are great stories with very interesting plots. Kane and Rainsford are the main characters of these stories, and they are very different but alike at the same time. Both Kane and Rainsford fight alone against their opponent with no one their to help them. Kane was not always alone until he turned in his tin star and said goodbye to being a sheriff so he could be with his wife who was a Quaker. Rainsford on the other had fell off a boat and landed on Ship Trap Island. Here on Ship Trap Island he was being hunted down by a man by the name of Zaroff. In both their cases they had no one but themselves to help them. Both of the main characters need to rise up and defeat who they are being hunted down by. In High Noon the main character Will Kane is all alone, after he asks many of the people in the town they all ask him to leave. They say that he is nothing but trouble and that if he leaves so will Mitchell. Mitchell is coming to town so that he can kill William Kane for the sentence of murder. "Ain't it true that Will Kane ain't…show more content…
"Kane I think you ought to go while there's still time. It's better for you and better for us" (Forman 315). When Kane went to the church asking for help from everybody nobody wanted to help him. They all wanted him to leave when earlier that day when he was getting married and everyone was celebrating, Kane realizes that they really were just getting ready for him to turn in his tin star. Rainsford also had no one to count on. When he fell off the boat Whitney was in the cabin and no one was there for him. He had to survive all alone in the wild all by himself. "You are proving interesting... but I shall be back"(Connell) You can have to believe in your self in situations like this and Rainsford knew that he had to kill Zaroff and win the game without a
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