Pluralistic Ignorance

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Pluralistic ignorance is the idea that nothing is wrong because no one making an effort to do or change anything. Further, it is the idea that everyone feels the same way, but no one know that everyone feels that way. I found myself experiencing this when my friends and I got into a routine of going to the same restaurant for lunch every Sunday. Weeks into this routine, I found that I really didn’t enjoy the restaurant we had been going to. However, I didn 't want to mess with our routine and since it seemed everyone else enjoyed the restaurant, I didn’t bother saying anything about it. A week later, while we were out for lunch a friend of mine said “You know, I don’t really like this restaurant anymore, do you think we could change it up next week?” It turned out that all of us were feeling the same way. No one was happy with the restaurant we were going to but no one wanted…show more content…
I experienced this phenomenon in a lab for my research methods class last semester. In the lab, we had to complete many lab reports. We were split in groups to work on the labs themselves, but the first report was individual and everyone managed to hand in their lab. However, the second lab was to be done as a group. I sent out an email to my group mates saying that I would complete the first quarter of the assignment, and if everyone else did a quarter and sent it to me I would put it all together. As the report due date approached, I got the second and third quarter from my group mates, but one group mate had not responded to my email. The day before the assignment was due, I gave up and did the work on my own. My group mate displayed social loafing because he did not put in the effort to get the lab report done as he was depending on the group to do it for him. In the end, we were all getting the same grade so he didn’t have to be
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