Pluto Conspiracy Theory

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Truthers: NASA 's Images of Pluto Are Another Conspiracy Theory The Pluto flyby mission that issued close images of Pluto raised questions about a possible conspiracy theory as some believe the Pluto Images are fake. The so-called Truthers question the truthfulness of the flyby on the internet. NASA 's New Horizons spacecraft captured photos of Pluto and its moon Charon. The images show differences in the surface material and exaggerated colors which were a consequence of using filters of the craft 's camera. The real distance between Pluto and Sharon is also reduced. The so-called Truther man who goes by the name Crow Trippleseven has pointed out that the Pluto images are all fake in his Youtube video. The video is growing popular and has…show more content…
The main argument of Trippleseven includes the comparison between Pluto images and Jupiter images. Apparently, the NASA images of Pluto were taken from a distance of only a few million miles, but are of lesser quality than the ones of Jupiter, which were made by a telescopic camera, at a distance of 484 million miles. Crow pointed out that the images are probably sitting in a Hollywood soundstage somewhere and that the people can only see the real Pluto if they go to Disneyland. Justin Shaw from Alberta, Canada, is considered to be another Truther. He claimS that he doubts the images are real, stating that there is no authenticity to the mission at all. According to Newsweek, he claims that people do not think about what the real truth is as they choose the best answer given to them and take it as reality. New Horizons took the closest images of Pluto on July 14, 2015, at a 7,750 miles range from the surface. Even though there are doubts about the credibility of the images, NASA is already revealing new images and data from Pluto. According to Natural World News, NASA experts claim that the dwarf planet is more mysterious than anyone thought. NASA a associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate John Grunsfeld declared that the planet contains exciting items such as flowing ice, mountain ranges, vast haze and exotic surface
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