Pluto Discovery

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Pluto, a planet that is only known to the average huan as the reject planet (once the ninth planet of our solar system,but now catorgized as a dwarf planet) and no thing else. So because of this lack of knowlegede scientist at NASA made a spacecraft named New Horizon to find anymore information on Pluto via flyby scan. After 9 and a half years hardship the spacecraft reached its destination. When the spacecraft sent information to the scientist on the dwarf planet scientist were dumbfounded on the output data. New discoveries were found on the once ninth planet and some don 't know what to do. All scientist do know is that Pluto is more than what meets the eye. One of the big discoveries was the temperture of the dwarf planet. The temperture is -380 degrees Fahrenheit about -229 degrees Celsius. …show more content…

The planet has geological range of mountains to plains. The icey plains contain different patterned zones that are seperated by trenches. The frozen mountains have been recorded to be outragelously big, some mountains taller than the Rocky mountains. The surface of this once ninth planet is anything but boring. A discovery scientist found out as soon as information came in was that Pluto is hazing. The layers of haze span about 81 miles. So with this mind scientist had to wait until the planet was silhoutted from the sun to truly see it 's surface. The haze is so bad that it creates some kind of smog effect on the surface.

In all of the discoveries I liked the learning about the heavenly body 's temperature. The ways the freezing temperature of the planetoid effects the surface by forming ice flows and pits of nitrogen. As well give me a knew persective on the word cold. Regarding this I would like to learn more about the haze of the atmosphere. Does the weather change on Pluto or stay the same. In addition to that how strong is the haze. Can it blow you away or will it be like a small

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