Pluto Monologue

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"Charlie," I heard my mom yell,"go walk the dog."

I went to get the leash and called for Pluto. He can running and jumped up on me, "Down boy, I love walks too, but you need to calm down. I put the leash on him and we took off... We walked past my school, the park, my friend Dallas ' house, the grocery store, and my older brother 's school. We walked and walked until we reached the edge of the town. A car pasted by us. It seemed to be empty, I stared at it and and Pluto started to bark, his eyes started to glow a bright red. Once the car was completely out of sight, his eyes returned back to normal. Leaves started to fall and the trees began to shake.

We started to walk back, when all of a sudden things seemed to stop the leaves stopped where they were and the trees stopped shaking. Everything went still, everything started to change; the leaves went brown the trees went green, and the road seemed to turn to sand. Pluto ran off, I called for him to come back but he kept running, I saw his eyes turn red. I ran after him, "Pluto, come here, Pluto!! Pluto where 'd you go?" He ran further and further from me.

I gave up and sat down, I didn 't know what to, I started to cry I saw something
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Everything started to look like normal, the leaves resumed to fall, the road looked like a road and the trees resumed hacking and turned brown again. The creature beside me seemed to turn into a dog, and a big dog at that. Forgetting about Pluto I started to walk back home, since it was getting late, and the newly formed dog followed. I continued to walk frequently looking behind me, seeing if he would stop following me. He didn 't, when I got home I got down on my knees and the dog followed me and laid his head on one of my knees I placed my hand on his head. "I 'm sorry boy, but you have to go home," I said remembering Pluto," I 've already lost one dog I can 't bring another dog home," I told the dog. Just then my mom came out, "Charlie your back already? You weren 't gone
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