Plymouth Vs Jamestown

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One of the most influential conflicts in American history is the founding of the original colonies in the early 1600’s. The most widely recognized early colonies included the Plymouth and Jamestown English settlements. When comparing the settlements of Plymouth and Jamestown, it is important to acknowledge the similarities and differences in relationships between Native Americans and the English Settlers; specific significant differences include encounters, intermediates, wars, and treaties. These comparisons prove the attitude and role the Native Americans and settlers played in each other’s status as measured by social, economic, and cultural factors. Encounters between Native Americans and English settlers demonstrate the attitudes and…show more content…
Pocahontas acted as the intermediate for Jamestown. Originally, the English settlers were desperate for food, kidnapped Pocahontas, and held her for ransom (SOURCE). However, when no ransom was payed, the settlers set up conditions for her release, requiring her to marry John Rolfe (SOURCE). Afterwards, she would be released to Opechanacouph (SOURCE). Although she eventually went to England with Rolfe and had a child with him, Jamestown created a very hostile agreement that shaped the attitude between the Jamestown settlers and Native Americans. However, in Plymouth, the intermediate was Massasoit, who eventually signed the peace treaty between Plymouth settlers and Natives (SOURCE). Massasoit arrived to Plymouth soon after the settlement, and offered friendship, aiding in the creation of an agreement that would be both nonviolent and nonaggressive (SOURCE). The relationship between Jamestown settlers and Massasoit proved friendly, especially when Massasoit grew ill (SOURCE). When Plymouth settlers heard, they sent out emissaries to help heal Massasoit (SOURCE). Although the English hardly knew the Native people, they formed a friendly relationship through Massasoit that would last for years. Although Jamestown and Plymouth’s intermediates demonstrated several differences, both united the colonies with the Natives. The relationships grew…show more content…
Jamestown colonists signed a Treaty of Chickahominy in 1614, which guaranteed that Native Americans would pay an annual tribute of corn to Jamestown (SOURCE). Various scholars argue that Opachanacough masterminded the treaty in order to force settlers to trust them (SOURCE). In 1616 Jamestown mainly planted the cash crop, tobacco, and due to starvation, they sent for food (SOURCE). When the Natives claimed the tribute had already been payed, the English open fired and killed between 20-40 Natives (SOURCE). Even with an attempt for peace and trade, the interaction between the Jamestown settlers and Native people again ended in a bloody event. On the other hand, Plymouth settlers signed a Peace Treaty with Native Americans that guaranteed an ally (SOURCE). Bradford primarily wrote the treaty, but the terms were agreed upon by Massasoit and John Carver (SOURCE). The treaty focused on several key aspects for peace including aid in war, borrowing of property, and incidents of conflict (SOURCE). The treaty remained intact for the majority of 54 years from April 1, 1621 until the beginning of the King Phillip War
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