Pm3110 Unit 4 Assignment

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What is your current IGN? Zombiek335 What are my past Igns? I only have 1 account. What country do I live in? Singapore Do I have a MicroPhone? Sort of.I have a earpiece which has a microphone on it and it works. What is my current age? 14 What is my timezone? UTC+08:00 Main Language? English Do I speak any other languages? Nope but would love to learn more in the future! Do I have Teamspeak, and Skype? I have Skype only. How long have I been playing HCF? About a year but on and off.Would love to play more of it though How long can I play daily? 2-3 Hours Why do I want to be staff? To be honest, I really desperately want to be a staff.I envy staff members and people who become moderator.I don't have a lot of experience but I know what I must do as a staff.I really wanna try and make a staff series on my channel.…show more content…
I am different from other applicants because I want to try and be as honest as I possibly can.I want to not lie in my application and be honest.I have been trying to apply on other servers but non of them replied back.I really want to be a staff.I will make sacrifices for the server.To be honest,I don't really have any past experiences in being a staff.However, I played on a server for about 2 years and from that server my friend in that server taught me what are the roles in being a staff member and he taught and told me what you would have to do if you were going to be a moderator or admin etc.I was a moderator on a server for like 2 weeks or so but the server was shut down due to the owner not having enough funds.I will always welcome new players with open arms and help them as much as possible when time of
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