Pmq Reflection Essay

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Hong Kong:
Becoming a Chinese Global City

PMQ Reflection Report

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1. Introduction
The aim of this report is to understand how culture is promoted in Hong Kong via investigating PMQ. A critical analysis of PMQ is then presented based on different aspects including identity, history, community and the ability of PMQ promoting and marketing culture. This report will firstly discuss about the background, i.e. history, of PMQ. The history of PMQ can be divided into visible and invisible parts. After that there will be a critical analysis on the presentation of identity and community in PMQ. It is believed that PMQ nowadays exhibits gentrification and so, it is highly impossible that there is effective conservation of the history in PMQ after its revitalization. Then this report will critically evaluate the effectiveness of cultural promotion in PMQ. The result of this report shows that PMQ provides a place for the development of creative industry in general but there exists some problems, which is identified during the site visit. Lastly, this report uses this case of PMQ to
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Historical Background of PMQ
This section will discuss about the historical background in PMQ, dividing it into visible and invisible parts.

2.1 Visible History of PMQ
The visible history of PMQ is the direct observation of the general public. The few examples are basically the architectures of the former buildings that can be found inside PMQ nowadays. These includes the dungeon, the window frame, the facade and the giant tree located at the main entrance of PMQ.

2.2 Invisible History of PMQ
The invisible history of PMQ is understood by different events occurred from the Government Central School to PMQ nowadays. Figure 1. A timeline showing what had happened in PMQ starting from the establishment of the Government Central School up till

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