Pneumatology: The Holy Spirit

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Pneumatology (Holy Spirit)
Studies of the Holy Spirit include His deity, illustrations, sanctification, conviction, regeneration, indwelling, baptism, sealing, earnest, gifts, filling, teaching, guidance, prayer, and assurance.

The Holy Spirit, in all that He does, glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ. He convicts the world of its guilt. He regenerates sinners, and in Him they are baptized into union with Christ and adopted as heirs in the family of God. He also indwells, illuminates, guides, equips and empowers believers for Christ-like living and services.

The Holy Spirit is a person of the trinity. Not an it. Please do not refer to God as an it.

He is separate from His power: Luke 4:14

Grammatical agreement not present: in original Greek
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We are elect by God by the Holy Spirit. God the Father chooses and the Holy Spirit sets them apart. Same concept: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14.
-Conviction: John 16: 8-11

The Holy Spirit and you at salvation:
-Regeneration: John 3:6 We were dead in trespasses, but then quickened by the Spirit. God saves and decides, Christ is the person who made it possible, the H.S. is the power and spark for life.

-Indwelling: 1 Corinthians 6:19 This was the worst church in the Bible. Even worse than Laodicea in Revelation. Man and his mother were in a sexual relationship and the church approved of it, people drunk at the breaking of bread, suing going on, divisions, tongues out of control. The church was doctrinally way off as well. Heretics were saying there would be no resurrection, etc. They were messed up babies in Christ. “Holy” Spirit is an adjective. This is the controlling force. He is holy. He is inside believers, not the church. In the O.T. He resided in the temple. Sometimes in individuals to guide them but not
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