Feasibility Study Of Pneumonia Essay

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, we would like to great thanks, Almighty ALLAH who give us the power throughout the whole project and help us to achieve our goals. He, in fact, has blessed with more than what we have desired and deserved. We really do have to express our collective gratitude towards our supervisor Sir Ammar Ajmal and co-supervisor Sir Sajid Gul Khwaja.We want to say a ‘Big Thanks' not for only their guidance and patience but also for monitoring throughout all our brief encounter with research world in the past. We would like to special thanks to our project coordinator Sir Waleed Manzoor who gave us support through motivation and guidance to manage the project and encourage us to do the project. Introduction…show more content…
Types of Pneumonia 1) Bacterial Pneumonia Bacteria can affect anyone at any age. It can develop alone or after a severe cold or flu. The most common type of cause of bacterial pneumonia is Streptococcus pneumonia. It can be caused by bacteria Chlamydia pneumonia or nemophila bacteria. 2) Viral Pneumonia In many cases, pneumonia caused by the respiratory virus can cause particularly in young children and the elderly. Lung disease is usually not serious and for a short period of time. However, by hard or fatal flu virus could be caused by viral pneumonia. This is dangerous, especially for pregnant women or people with heart or lung problems. The bacteria can attack with viral pneumonia complications. 3) Mycoplasma Pneumonia Mycoplasma organisms contain virus or bacteria, but their features are not common. It is smallest diseases which can affect a human. It Often causes severe pneumonia cases, because not in many adults and young children. 4) Other types of pneumonia Many types of additional pneumonia affect the immune compromised people. Tuberculosis and Pneumocystis pneumonia carina (PCP) often helps similar to those that affect people with suppressed immune systems. In fact, it may be one of the first signs of PCP in people with

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