Pobrography: The Causes And Effects Of Pornography

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Pornography can be defined as a depiction of sexuality in visual form and has been known to alter a person’s perception of sexual relations. Pornography can distort sexual attitudes and behavior creating a threat to marriage, family ties, and a person’s individual happiness. Those who view pornographic material are affected differently and pornography addiction has been researched thoroughly but has not yet been labeled an official disorder. Pornography can contribute to sexual offending although there are many individuals that engage in viewing pornography legally and do not commit sexual offenses. Pornography has become available more in current times than in the past; access is tremendously gained through the internet. Over exposure to pornography whether legal or illegal can encourage an individual to engage in sexually deviant proclivities (Hald, et al., 2008). Continual viewing of pornographic material can affect a person’s ability to value conjugal intimacy. Any disproportionate viewing of pornography that is not monitored can cause a person to go from occasional viewing to escalated viewing such as the viewing of hard-core and illegal material which can influence engagement in deviant sexual acts (Hald, et al., 2008). The constant use of pornography can be the causal aspect to creating any type of sexual deviance and the individual viewing such material may attempt to emulate the imagery seen.
The rise in technology has formed a surge in the amount of youths that can

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