Pocahontas Summary

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It was a warm winter day when the young adult Pocahontas went out to the fields to help weed them. “winter is coming Pocahontas said”. She know because the wind smelt like salt, and once the air smells like salt winter comes. But really it was a close by tribe making salt bread before the snow came. The great canoes they are here! Yelled Powhatan Pocahontas's father. Chief Powhatan sent five Indians to see what was going on at there fort. Bring them feathers as gifts Powhatan said to them. They left and Pocahontas stayed far behind them but just close enough to see them. See wanted to see the fort that the English men are building. It was half a days walk to the fort but once they got there she was pretty disappointed. it was only about ten rocks and a wood pole. The men where cutting down trees in the forest to build there homes only she did not know why. We use animal skin for our homes she said in her head. She hid behind a tree about a meter away from the men, and looked into the fort she stepped out and said, why are they using wood for there homes? They…show more content…
The palefaces came to the village and gave us gifts it is too bad you were off. Pocahontas went to see her dad. Father said Pocahontas why did the palefaces come here? I don’t know said Powhatan. They just came and I could do nothing about it but they gave us good things like knives and wool and things like that. I wish to see them Pocahontas said. I am going to there fort they named it James town after a king. And you cant stop me from going. Ah you are eager to see the palefaces and meat them so I can not stop you said her Father. Pocahontas left and walked to the fort. Once she got there the men where gone she walked to the fort they had one home up and inside where five men beaten and bleeding and tied up on a
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