Pocatello Activity Log

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Young children that enter the hospital can be overwhelmed due to the health concerns that they have no control majority of the time. The patient 's parents and the young child undergo a meticulous process while at the hospital. At the beginning of this process, the young patient is given a trinket or something that brings them comfort which is provided by the hospital. This will enable the young patient to have a more comforting experience and allow the patient to have more hope while at the hospital. One object that the hospitals may provide are little activity bags that contain, markers, crayons, coloring books, books, stuffed animals or even little squishy balls. This allows the young patient to come to ease with the troubles they are facing while at the hospital. “In the pediatric center numerous young kids enter the hospital for health issues or even abuse that has harmed the young child”(All Together Better). With the activity bag it allows the child to feel more comfortable and love from the hospital so they can undergo or follow through what they need to do while at the hospital. As a group decided on making a good quantity of activity bags to help out the hospital and the young patients that went to the hospital. This project allows my group and I to understand more of what the youth in Pocatello are experiencing and how as teenagers can create a more caring community.…show more content…
I know from experience the challenging times at the hospital, I feel that with the little trinket or stuffed animal a young child gets brings sparks in their eyes and brings comfort while at the hospital. We hoped to accomplish the act of love and comfort to those young kids that need a little item to make them feel joyful and more at ease with whatever they are
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