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Snot Thief VS. Pocket Thief Engrossed by the screen, the flashing lights, the angles, the sounds, watching The Hobbit is a completely different experience from the book. The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien , is about the various adventures and the challenges, that Bilbo faces on his journey to the Lonely Mountain. However the movie, The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey directed by Peter Jackson in 2012, includes, advanced computer graphics, that attracts millions of fans both old and new. Peter Jackson makes multiple changes that alter the movie from the novel. In both the film and book genres, Bilbo’s journey starts when he agrees to leave his home with the thirteen dwarves and Gandalf, as their burglar. Bilbo demonstrates his perseverance and quick…show more content…
In the book, Gandalf intervenes in the troll’s conversation and speaks as the trolls Tom and Bert, which irritates the trolls and wastes their time. Therefore, Gandalf succeeds in killing all three trolls by shining the sunlight on them. One notable example is, “‘Two to one, so shut yer mouth!’ said Bert. ‘Who are you a-talkin to ?’ said William. ‘Now stop it!’ said Tom and Bert together. ‘The night’s gettin’ on, and dawn comes early. Let’s get on with it!’ ‘Dawn take you all and be stone to you!’ said a voice that sounded like William’s” (Tolkien 41). Through Gandalf’s clever behavior, he fools all of the trolls. Gandalf uses his voice manipulation to make him sound as if he is one of the trolls. When he imitates the troll 's voice he is able to trick trolls through magic. According to the movie, Jackson makes Bilbo speak to the trolls on how to cook dwarf, which Gandalf in the book does by using his voice manipulation to stall Bert, Tom, and William. Bilbo tells the trolls that cooking dwarf should be done when they don’t have skin, to make their meat tastier. This advice Bilbo uses stalls the trolls, so they will be killed by the rising of the sun which the director accomplished to make the movie more interesting.When, Peter Jackson uses the different lighting and angles to get a close up on Bilbo face, he makes this part of the movie more intriguing. This makes the audience more curious to anticipate Bilbo reaction to the outcome of the scene. Jackson uses different audio and visual techniques to bring different audiences together to watch this extraordinary movie. By having Bilbo save the dwarves Jackson is portraying Bilbo as a strong, quick witted, and heroic character. Jackson also shows Bilbo character development from the nervous wreck to the heroic character in the end of the film. As you can see, the book and the movie are interesting and
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