Podiatrist Case Study

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A San Jose podiatrist is a specialist who is surgically and medically trained to treat the ankle and foot. Such specialists tackle all foot care needs including: sports injuries, heel pain, podiatric deformities and diabetic complications. A person qualified in podiatry treats conditions relating to the feet, ankles and toes and will answer any questions in this field. Here are some common questions put to podiatrists by San Jose residents:
Q. What is the difference between a podiatric surgeon, a podiatric physician and a podiatrist?
A. All three are medical professionals trained to treat feet and ankles. Podiatric surgeons, Podiatric physicians and podiatrists are common terms used to describe those who practice podiatric medicine. Their ability to treat ankle and foot problems hinges on their training, level of education and
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What Kind of Education Does a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Receive?
A. their training and medical education is equal to that of a doctor of osteopathic medicine or a medical doctor. They spend four years as an undergraduate, followed by four years as a graduate at one or other of the nine leading podiatric medical colleges. A further two to three years are spent in post-graduate residency training at a hospital.
Q. Do qualified podiatrists treat ankle and foot problems only?
A. Treatment offered much depends on state legislation. Podiatrists in all states are permitted to treat feet; however, forty-four states allow podiatrists to carry out treatment above the ankle.
Q. Will My Podiatrist Accept Health Insurance?
A. In general, most health insurance plans cover ankle and foot services provided by podiatrists. The majority of podiatrists take part in public health insurance plans and private health cover. However, it is worth noting, a few podiatrists do not accept insurance plans. Contact your chosen podiatrists office beforehand to find out if he or she will accept your health insurance plan.
Q. Do Podiatrists have specialist

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