Poe And Ray Bradbury: A Literary Analysis

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Edgar Allen Poe and Ray Bradbury were both amazing authors of many books. They wrote books and short stories about the supernatural, unlike many other authors. They caused their readers to think about the deeper meaning(s) about their stories. In their stories they use many literary devices : foreshadowing, imagery, irony, allusion, and symbolism that enhance their stories. Though they have things in common with their styles of writing, there are also some differences that they have. Edgar Allen Poe will always be remembered for his writings and how he was different in how he wrote compared to other authors . His writings are on the creepy side than Bradbury's writings. This can be in “the Tell Tale Heart” where the narrator is watching the…show more content…
His writings are more about what is situations, like in his book “There Will Come Soft Rains” it is placed in post apocalyptic. He uses personification making the house seem alive. It is seen in the text when it said,”Until this day, how well the house had kept its peace. How carefully it had inquired, "Who goes there? What's the password?" and, getting no answer from lonely foxes and whining cats, it had shut up its windows and drawn shades in an old maidenly preoccupation with self-protection…..” Though these two authors were amazing one is better. These two authors both have similarities and differences, but in my opinion one is better than the other. Ray Bradbury is the better out of the two in my opinion. The way he writes his stories with more of a post apocalyptic setting makes it more interesting. Also how he uses literary tools such as personification. He uses more imagery that Poe in his writing. So I think that he In conclusion, these two authors have differences and similarities. They both caused the reader to think about their stories and their meanings. They have different styles. Poe uses the character to get to the reader. Whereas Bradbury, uses more imagery. Also Bradbury did more fantasy and Poe did more of a scary style. So these two author will be remembered for their fantastic works and how they were
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