Poem About Your Laugh By Susan Glickman Analysis

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What is poetry? Poetry is a section of literature that through the use of distinctive style and rhythm create an intense and deep meaning. Susan Glickman in the poem “Poem about Your Laugh” she uses a variety of imagery and symbols in her writing to display her feeling towards a certain individual’s laugh. Susan Glickman compares someone’s laugh to a range of different things. “When you laugh it is all the unsynchronized clocks, in the watchmaker's shop, striking their dissident hours.” The laugh is described as “kittens having the nipples plucked from their mouths” and “pine trees shed their needles at once on one side of the forest, indefinably altering the ecosystem”. In order to present symbolism and imagery in the collage, ten different images were picked…show more content…
These objects were the prime example that helped us picture and compare the power or the laugh inside our head. Another reason these are very significant images as they represent that even though the laugh is “unsynchronized” it eventually grows into something much stronger and memorable, which is the whole idea of the poem. Hence, I also used some symbols to help convey my perception of the poem, in the collage. The symbols used were a Smile with bad teeth, a Dove, the image of a Sun, a bolt of lightning, a Laughing man and a tree with no leaves. According to my perspective the smile with the bad teeth presented even though that persons laugh wasn’t perfect, or they weren’t perfect, to the author their smile was always welcomed in their life. Secondly, I choose the dove because it represents peace, it may sound to be ironic because the laugh was described to be “unsynchronized” however, I personally think after hearing the laugh the author feels at peace or satisfied. Thirdly, the sun represents the effect the laugh had on the author, as I believe it brought a certain light into their
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