Poem Analysis: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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The car rumbled down the dirt road, kicking up a brown cloud of dirt and rocks as it lumbered onward towards the plantation. Suddenly, Bailey lost control of the car, it began to fishtail back and fourth until the black wheels, painted brown by the dirt, lifted off the ground. As the car started to roll, the entire family let out a scream. It flipped once, then again and again until there was nothing left but a flattened unruly heap of metal. Smoke was bellowing out of the hood, and the brown tires continued to turn creaking like nails on a chalkboard. Grandma opened her eyes and looked around, “why am I laying in the middle of a field of grass,” she asked herself? She got up and looked around, her eyes were foggy and her head was spinning, all she could see was the haze of white dots laying over her eyes like a blanket. Her left shoulder burned, it felt like a small animal was inside of her trying to claw their way out. Her lip was cut, dropping crimson blood on her nicest clothes. As her head cleared and her eyes began to work again, she noticed the car laying fifty feet away smashed into a flat piece no taller than her waist. She stumbled towards it, looking for any sign of her family. She began to…show more content…
In the original story, the ending leaves to question the intention of the Misfit. This is a key note that I wanted to hit on in my story. Not only does the misfit explain that he is not a good man, we also get to understand why he kills the Grandma. In the original story this is left up to the imagination, so I imagined a man who was greatly conflicted. The Misfit has been labeled a bad man his entire life and has learned to accept it. Even though he has back and fourth feelings about whether he is good or not, he accepts in this moment that he is not a good man and he wants everyone to know it. He is the type of person that wants nothing more than to see the world
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