Poem Analysis: Bronzeville's Or My People

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or my people had been published in the Yale university series of younger poets. Margaret was born Birmingham was the daughter of a Methodist minister. She received a Rosenwald fellowship for creative writing in 1944.”My people” gave you information of what happen and the past then it goes to present and gave a way to make a better life. She was a part of the literary movement in Chicago. She lived in the Chicago area for seven years, coming of age in the shadow of the Great Migration and Depression and playing an active role in Bronzeville's artistic and intellectual circles. Her father was a Jamaican immigrant, but her mother's family had deep roots in southern soil. Her father was a religious scholar and Methodist minister, taught her to…show more content…
African americans prayed at night s with African Americans going through so much they continued to pray but then they started to think god was non-existent because their “savior” had not come to the rescue. This quotes follows my thought “praying their prayer nightly to an unknown god bending their knees humble to an unseen power”. As year went by they weren’t treated any differently .
“ washing ironing cooking scrubbing sewing mending hoeing plowing digging planting pruning patching dragging along never gaining never reaping never knowing and never understanding” in this quote the speaker is referring to how these African American worked and gained benefits no for themselves. What shocked me is when they talk about the children going to school to learn they were black and poor. School is a places to learn shouldn’t have been a place to degrade these young aged children because of the race. Where in stanza shows this children growing into brave mature adults and grew maturity against all the obstacles that blocked there way. Got married and children which was exciting because during slavery they weren’t allowed to have a family or know there family. “ a world that will hold all the people, all the faces, all the Adams and eves and their countless generations” my opinion is that African American people had hope that black and white come together no matter the race . The last stanza
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