Poem Analysis: Darius And The Clouds

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StudyQuestions15-29Mango Darius and the Clouds I think the meaning of the sky, butterflies and the flowers is freedom and beauty, what is the first thing you think about when you look at the sky, you think about being free, there is nothing that is able to take you down. A butterfly is beautiful and free, just flying nothing to disturb you or distress you, when you think about a butterfly you first think of the beauty then you see it flying away into the horizon. When you think about a flower you think about the beautiful texture the wonderful composition that a flower has. And Some More I think she chose to write back and forth action to emphasize the communication between Esperanza Nenny and her friends. Cisneros wanted to see the argument mature step by step; we could see the temper rising as the less educated children, Esperanza’s friends, get frustrated then an explosion of anger breaks through like a fire in the savannah. Esperanza’s friends show their frustration by abusing Esperanza, but Esperanza retaliates and then we get a big argument. The Family of Little Feet…show more content…
They put themselves in a very bad situation where Rachel almost lost her innocence because of the beautiful shoes. The girls seemed eager to be beautiful so eager to be complimented that they were almost consumed in to prostitution. Just think about it why were they given small shoes, why did Mr. Benny try call the cops, I think that the shoes is a subliminal message, the girls that gave Rachel and Lucy the shoes wanted the children to be a youth prostitute. That's why Mr. Benny wanted to call the cop, that’s why the drunken man wanted a dollar for a small little
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