Poem Analysis: Grape Sherbet By Rita Dove

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Analysis on “Grape Sherbet” by Rita Dove The poem “Grape Sherbet”written by Rita Dove is about a child enjoying a homemade dessert on Memorial Day.Rita Dove,”was the youngest person and the first African-American to be appointed Poet Laureate Consultant by the Library of Congress. She has also won the Pulitzer for her book Thomas and Beulah.”(Biography.com Editors)“Grape Sherbet” is a unique poem with alliteration,metaphor,similes and an almost ,most hidden rhyme scheme. To begin with,poems all hold different meanings for everyone.My take on the poem on “Grape Sherbet” was how the character in the story could not remember the taste of the sherbet,often things can be lost to us once we stop experiencing seeing it,but it will never be…show more content…
Overall,”Grape Sherbet”by Riat Dove is a poem with meaning.It puts the aspects of childhood,memories,and sadness together with it imagery and figurative langue.Taking apart the poem and really looking how everything was written and pieced together give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish reading.Her use of imagery of a child really takes you back to your early childhood.Never forgetting a memory and holding it with you for a lifetime is really conveyed throughout the story.This poem uses alliteration,imagery,figurative language,assonance,rhyme and rhythm to capture you all the way to the
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