Let America Be America Again: Poem Analysis

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The poem “ Let America Be America Again" is one of his famous poems that composed by Langston Hughes. America is a country of freedom, equality, and happiness which gives the American citizen a stable life. The society is divided into classes which also survives distinction between rich people and poor people. Moreover, America is a multi-ethnic country, so that it also survives racial discrimination; it happens between white people and black people. Thus, the poem meaning refects racial discrimination, the distinction between rich and poor, slavery, and dark areas of life. In addition, the poem also shows a dream which is, encourage American to make America live up to its dignity and meaning of a freedom and opportunity country. The title of the poem shows the messenger which the author wants to convey to the readers that are, “ Let America Be America Again”. America has experienced many historical events such as the war, the economic framework, and the political reform, then America gradually develops in many fields and becomes a country of dreamers. When people read the title, they can understand and predict an important part of the poem which is, live up to what…show more content…
The author uses the words “I am” over and over to support people who are in the darkness of America dream. Whether the author is farmer or worker, he wrote “I am people” and “worried, hungry, mean”( line34) that shows, they are in any position; they are also hungry. The readers can realize that people, who live in America, have to face hunger. Therefore; the author has succeeded in giving the reader see the two sides of America which are opposite together. One side is America dream that includes a good condition which America brings to American life. On the other hand, one side is, the poor workers, farmer, and slave have to face the fear of
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