Poem Analysis Of Mending Wall By G. Wells

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1- “MENDING WALL” The poem describes how separate these two neighbors are by this wall without a true purpose for it.I believe the reader is trying to get us to realize how seperated society is over little things and how we spend more time trying to find ways to separate that we do focusing on a legit reason to even be separated. 2- “ST. FRANCIS AND THE SOW” Particular lines from this poem perceive individuals in this day in time of society. "In spite of the fact that occasionally it is fundamental, to reteach a thing its beauty". The author is basically saying that it's relatively important to remind one another that there isn't just one standard of physical beauty or acceptable appearance. The author wants us to understand that is beautiful and different in its own special way. In…show more content…
I believe the author wants us to realize how helpless he was in the situation and how he couldn't help out but could only watch. From a reader's point of view it is almost like we are there reliving these devastating moments with the author. Most of all the reader wants us to realize no matter how much he wanted to help or prevent these other soldiers from suffering he couldn't. He doesn't want to be looked at as neglectful or as a bed person but he wants us to know he feel terrible and these tragedies are something he thinks about often. 4- ‘DEATH BE NOT PROUD” In the poem “ Death Be Not Proud” the author wants us to view death as something that is not bad but almost like a reward to eternal or after life . The poem puts a twist on death as if death is this awesome thing when in actually it's not. Donne also states that there is eternal life one you've reached death which is persuading the reader to look forward to eternal life once you have died. the poem consists of a series of paradoxical images of death as powerful, yet weak and servile. 5 - ‘TRAVELING THROUGH THE
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