Poem Analysis Of Alzheimer's By Kelly Cherry

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“Alzheimer’s” by Kelly Cherry is a rather depressing read focused on the tragedy of a man stricken with Alzheimer’s, her father no less. The man remembers that he was a musician, but mourns over the fact that he no longer has time for music as there are more pressing matters at hand now. Although he has this disease, he still can remember details of his life by thinking about his music, including clothing worn at the time. What will be discussed and examined is the context clues the poem provides about the what the man’s life used to be like, describe what the man’s life is like now, and the general function of the poem’s setting. The poem describes much about this man, heavily detailing his past. Starting with the man standing at the door to what is later confirmed to be in fact his own house, the poem goes on to use different things about the house and surrounding area as clues. The man used to be good with his hands, possibly working in construction, if not professionally than as a hobby. The poem tells us about how the man built the walkway between the front room and the garage, something that the average man would not be able to do without previous education or experience. The poem goes on to include that there are roses and columbine near…show more content…
Cursed with Alzheimer’s, he now struggles to recall his own past, even his own wife. The setting is the most important, as it says more in small details than some more obvious traits do. Although he may forget some things, it doesn’t seem as though he really ever forgets who he is on the inside, but rather events that have occurred and people in his life. To someone who did not know him, myself included, it would seem as though he was a selfish person and only thought of his own self, but that evidence does not really make itself know for a
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