Poem Analysis Of Death Poem

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Death Poem Do you used to lose person that you love? Everybody needs to be parted from person that he or she loves as if tree lacks leaves that it is lonely. Death is mournful occurrence that nobody can forget this grief but time maybe help to give you relieve your sadness. Death likes last enemy that nobody can stop it and it often creates problem give life. It likes robber that separate person that you love to go and nobody escape death. It maybe make you is utterly mystified. You find that death is story that people feel pain and it is hard story. They cannot obliterate feeling leave mind. Each people indicate different sorrow like seasons of grief poem. Poet writes to person that she love and death part life of that person. She feels sorrowful and painful extremely because person loss that she love. It make her lacerate. She miss story of that person. She writes all feeling in poem about that person. First stanza talks about poet grief and painfulness. English oxford living dictionaries define grief as: “intense sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.” She maybe lose person that she loves because in fourth stanza, she talks about that person and she affiliate with that person. Death of that person makes her feel depressed. She compares her sorrow as autumn leaf because autumn makes green leaves becomes yellow, red, orange, and brown leaves. Finally, this leaves wilt and they fall as if poet is alive in the past but when she gets waste, her mind is worse. Her
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