Poem Analysis Of Fernando Spahr's 'Narrative'

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The poem “Narrative” by Juliana Spahr is about a couple that goes to waterfall and accidently slip in. When they come up, they are underneath the waterfall. The poem is very in detail describing the couple slipping in and then felling the water fall on them from above. They do not want to let the water inside of them because it is very brackish. Spahr is very upfront with what the story is about, but it holds a deeper meaning once you examine what she is trying to convey. Spahr is trying to give the read an alternative outlook when faced with a unfavorable event. In this text Spahr states, “Water covers them and they are covered with brackish water. They do immerse. They don't open. Immersion seals them off. There is no open mouth. No opening. No exchanging. Because it is brackish it is narrative falling over them. It falls over.…show more content…
Sealed yet together.,” meaning even though you may be surrounded by negativity, you do not have to let it in. The couple slips into the water when they step on the mossy, it was an accident that they were completely submerged in the water. This is similar to how things work in our daily lives as well. We never ask to be placed in situations that aren’t positive, but it happens quite often. It is important to embrace these situations as a part of live, but not to let the negativitity inside you. If you let it inside of your heart, you will also be very negative and upset with life. You have to except these situations, like the people in the waterfall, but you have to remember to not let these situations get to you. Spahr writes, “They have come together with brackish. They have let brackish wash over then even if they don't let it inside,” showing that the couple has come to peace with the brackish water and accepts that it is there, even though they are not letting it inside of

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