Poem Analysis Of Robert Frost's Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Nothing Gold Can Stay was written by Robert Frost in 1923. Frost was a U.S. citizen. He wrote his original poem out of fear of another World War, but did not publish it. The poem I analyze will be of his published eight lines.
Nothing Gold Can Stay is a narrative poem telling a story. It is telling a story about nature and the process it goes through and describing it at each stage.
The poem is implying multiple possibilities, just from the title. Nothing Gold Can Stay, being a very confusing title at first glance, but very in depth after reading and analyzing the poem.
Robert Frost refers to Gold multiple times as a phrase not a verse, by repeating this it becomes a memory in our mind to stay gold and do good.
This poem is about the process
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Then transitioning to the loss of it all when it turn into the extreme weathers and it kills nature and it beauty.
The rhythm is based off the end word at each verse to have that nice ring to it. All using soft constants, nothing that seems to explode or boring. It is a nice simple calmness to that ending word that keeps the mood throughout the poem.
Sight is the main sense that is used. Robert Frost uses this to lay out an image. Picturing the nature in anyway possible, creating the beauty of it in words.
The whole entire poem puts this image into place. Robert Frost does such a great job in describing that the birds are almost chirping in the image. Where the image can move all because of the description of nature in Nothing Gold Can Stay.
Though this poem is made up of many metaphors and examples of personification, it does not use much figurative language like Onematopeia and alliteration.

Robert Frost reading his poem is a big help to finding the tone and the feel of the poem that the author was trying to display.
Natures first bud is precious and it’s conveying birth and ease because once nature blooms to that bright color it dies slowly. Sinking nature into sadness and despair with no color and no life
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