Poem Analysis On A Diamond By Audre Lorde

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This poem its mainly about a women , whose personifying her self on a diamond. She thinks its funny how a diamond can come from flames and still be something beautiful . In the poem she is a diamond whom society is trying to break down despite her natural brilliance. Audre Lorde wrote this poem to open her self and to let the world know how words sometimes can hurt people. She definitely feels that words are very important and sometimes they can have different meanings. Howe-ever , the poems it self, makes readers think the author is trying to say something more than what he is writing. For example the phrase, “other words are stapled wagers in a perforated book” here she is giving words the character of stapled wagers. In this phrase she is referring to words that are wrote on a poem just for publicity, because they don't really means anything for the author. Also when she said “the stub remains an ill-pulled tooth with a ragged edge” this is another type of reference to the inadequacy of words and the meaning people give to them. This means that there will always be a conflict because you cant use a word to describe someones personality,…show more content…
“As a diamond comes into a knot of flame I am black because I come from the earth inside, take my word for jewel in the open light”. Again here she is putting herself as a diamond that comes from a knot of flames. She is saying she is black not because of the color of her skin, she is saying she is black because she comes from the earth inside. She is black because she has being trapped by judgment and by stereotypes, waiting to break down show the world her true self. “Take my word for jewel in the open light” she is concluding her poem with this amazing phrase which means to take her own words and her own description of her self into the open world for people to know who she really
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