Poem Analysis: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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Five People In Heaven Interview “It might seem strange to start a story with an ending. But all endings are also beginnings. We just do not know it at the time” (Albom 1). Eddie recently died by saving a little girl from a ride, but the thing he did not know was that him dying was an end but a beginning. Eddie was eighty-three years old when he died at Ruby Pier where he had worked as a maintenance manager for most of his life. Eddie then meets five important people from his lifetime in Heaven that each gives him a lesson. Throughout the five people Eddie meets, we are told he gets married to his first love Marguerite. Eddie then went to war for a little bit where he was injured badly in the leg. Marguerite and Eddie were never able to have…show more content…
I interviewed my mom about the “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” because I thought she would find interest in the book. My mom, Jodi is a mental health therapist for Child and Adolescent. I interviewed my mom Sunday, November 13th at 9:00 that morning. The interview took about 25 minutes because my mom took much thought before answering the questions. I made 13 questions that are related to the book to ask her. I chose my mom to interview because while I was reading the book at home, she asked me if she could read it when I was…show more content…
Heaven is peaceful, pain free, no drama, and Heaven is like perfection”. Then I asked her “Do you believe that everybody is connected somehow to each other and that everything happens for a reason?”. Mom then answered with “Yes. I believe that people are brought into our lives for specific reasons they might not always stay in our lives but they are still needed. We are connected to each other even if it doesn 't make sense at the time”. My third question I asked was “Do you think looking at a story from two different viewpoints may have a big effect, little effect, or no effect on the story?”, and she answered with “Looking at a story from two different viewpoints create a big effect on the story no matter what the story is”. My fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh questions are “Would you be willing to die to save someone else not knowing anything about the person?” Have you ever sacrificed something that might have affected you as a person?” Do you believe that when you sacrifice something you 're not really sacrificing it you 're just giving it to somebody else to have, and should you regret the sacrifices you have made in your life”? Her answer to these questions was “No I would not die if I didn 't know anything about the person but I would die for someone in my family. Yes, as parents I feel

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