Poem Analysis: The House On Mango Street

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The symbol of Poetry and the quotes selected are relevant to the entire novella, The House On Mango Street. For example, in “Born Bad”, Esperanza recited a poem that she wrote to her sick aunt, Guadalupe. She metaphorically spoke about being the waves on the sea, jumping out of her own skin and shaking the sky like a hundred violins. Not only does it make her aunt feel at ease but Esperanza does too, with hope and serenity. She believes in her words that one day she’ll grow up and take control over her life to change for the better. Furthermore, in “Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes”, it shows a mixture of rhythms and rhymes. Most importantly, it was where Esperanza came to the realization that she does belong on Mango Street and was not put there by mistake, at least for now. From poems, to rhymes and chants, Poetry plays a large role in reading between the lines in every part of the novella.

Poetry not only applies to Esperanza but the women living on Mango Street as well. One of the characters being Ruthie. She has poetic talent similar to Esperanza but she can’t see people’s motives or express herself
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She constantly searches for her own identity when she doesn’t even realize, what she does now will become a new version of herself in the future. This is where the use of Poetry comes into play. She observes the world and describes it in a different perspective. One where she can find no negativity in calling it a safe haven. Esperanza despised living on Mango Street, but little by little she discovers fragments of herself wanting to become a better person. Writing poems and speaking her mind is what sets her free. Poetry is Esperanza’s home in the heart. However, it’s difficult to find who you really are when there hasn’t been much to live for or experience yet. Having said that, she turns yet another
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