Poem Analysis: The Man From Ironbark By Banjo Paterson

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Grow up in a small town, but then moving to a big city could have been one of the main or a mixture of reasons that led to the writing of Banjo Paterson’s poem, ‘The Man from Ironbark’. This poem takes an entertaining look at how city people think about country folk. By the way the barber acts towards the man from Ironbark, it gives the reader an insight of some of Paterson’s own experiences. The invited reading of this poem is an entertaining look at a practical joke that a barber plays on his customer. The main message of this poem is about city people thinking country folks aren’t as intelligent. While the message itself isn’t a very important one it add humour to the poem and makes it fun for the readers. ‘Just watch me catch him all alive, this man from Ironbark’ this quote from the poem shows the barber planning the prank that gives a feeling that this poem will be entertaining and somewhat humorous. The poet uses only two sound devices in the poem,…show more content…
Similes in the poem such as ‘till he was like to drop’ are used to create a more descriptive image in the reader’s mind. Metaphors when saying ‘He lifted up his hairy paw’ and in many other sections of the poem to exaggerate areas to give the reader a more interesting view. So the poet can express what he is trying to prove through and entertaining way. The imagery device enhances the poem to make it stand out more so it grabs the reader attention. The poem was a very entertaining and humorous. One of the main things catches the reader’s attention is how they the man from Ironbark reacted to the joke played on him. This poem was chosen because of its lively and enjoyable rhythm. This makes the reader feel a mixture of feelings such as anger when the barber pulls the joke, but humour from the reaction of the man from Ironbark finds out it was actually a joke. Overall it was a very enjoyable and
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