Poem Analysis: The Possimpible

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The Possimpible
Well, at one time there was a kid named Carlos, and he was from Cameroon, Africa. Carlos was about 7 foot and just in junior high, and he weighed 275 pounds. Carlos barely knew how to play basketball, his first English words were “Touchdown,”, (Wait a minute, those words are for football)
He was also a cross country runner. When he first joined, his coach Said he was too fat. He then just ran away, he was back in an hour, with a hamburger from In and Out Burger, (Which was about 10 miles away) (Along with the 10 minute wait, and his 5 minutes of eating, ) he hands it to the coach and said, “Practice Monday right?”
The possimpible (oh jeez you don’t know what Possimpible means, it is the place when the impossible is
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“Well, these are me boots, you now what I am talking aboot aye.” the Mountie responded.
“Well, look it is John Cena (He didn’t turn around), LeBron James (He didn’t turn around), a guy with a gun (He didn’t turn around), Kurt Warner (He didn’t turn around and he probably never will), Jim Carrey (You are giving up hope)? Ugh, James Nasmith? (NOPE) Steve Nash? (THINK!!) Oh, some hockey player named Jane Gestky?”
“Wayne Gretzky?!?!?!” the Mountie said turning
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“Yeah him,” Wes said as the Mountie turned around and Carlos pushed him off the building. “LET’S GO CARLOS” Wes said.
“RUN, cops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” you could hear the fear in their voices, as they were running. They now had a bounty of around $1,500,000 on their heads each. So it was Carlos and Wes against the world, literally. Then after awhile they escaped in a helicopter, they were about 20,310 ft in the air when they both stood up on one of the wings each.
Then, suddenly Wes got tackled by Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers and he went flying, straight down and landed back in Oregon where he was from. Then, almost simultaneously, Carlos got tackled by Anthony Barr of the Minnesota Vikings and flew all the way back down to Sacramento.
Then they both woke up next to each other in the hospital, and their parents yelled, “You guys crashed somewhere over the Canadian border. You both just woke up from Coma, hurry up you guys are playing against the Interstate 32 Sacramento team (Carlos’ old team).” So then they both got up and walked out straight to Saskatchewan and they played
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