Poem Analysis: The Star Spangled Banner

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I have always thought of the Star Spangled Banner to be just a song that represents our country and troops. Now that I see the whole back story of the the beautiful poem it changed my entire perspective of the song. The Star Spangled Banner not only represents the Country that we live and the troops that die to keep us safe, but it represents the lives that got taken from the brave soldiers of 1812. Knowing that even though they were given a warning of the flag they stood up and said “no I choose to represent my country”. You never see people in this generation that would rather stay to themselves with WiFi, phones, video games, clothes, friends. Instead of going out and protecting the Country that we live in. The Star Spangled Banner has always played a huge part in my life because my dad’s side of the family consists of brave soldiers and Navy soldiers. My granny, my uncles, even my young cousins have always dreamed of growing up to take a stand for this country. I grew up with a military family that I am so proud of. Not because they just try to get away from home that’s not what they go to the army for, but because instead of staying at home being lazy not doing anything, they go and get deported to save…show more content…
The British gave them a warning… Take down that flag and live under British rule, or start a war until they lower the flag on the flagpole. The brave people did not lower that flag for anything and they went through death, tears, and scars from that horrible day but they never took that flag down. To them it was not just a flag waving in the wind, to them it was a sign of courage, bravery, love, and peace of the country. An American Lawyer, Francis Scott Key, was forced to go into the military due to impressment. During that whole fight all he could do was watch Fort McHenry burn to ashes over that flag. He put pen to paper and wrote what he saw and what came to
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