Poem Analysis: This Be The Verse

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After looking over a few old stories and poems that we’ve read throughout the semester one poem stuck out to me in particular. It was the poem by Phillip Larkin, This Be The Verse. It’s a rather short poem but it has a strong message behind it. One thing that drew me to this poem was the explicit in the first line, “They fuck you up, your mum and dad.” After seeing a poem start like this who wouldn’t want to go more into depth as to see why Larkin would make such a bold statement like that. When I finished the first stanza it gave me the impression that Larkin may have had some resentment towards his parents. After saying that they “fuck you up” he goes on to say that even if it was not intentional they still do without even noticing and they do it by giving you their faults and add extra just for you. After reading that stanza I thought back to my childhood and all the blessings and opportunities I’ve had. My parents were born on the Caribbean island called Haiti and came here to America in hope of better opportunities for their future family. Them being born and raised in a different country than me and my sister meant there would automatically be a clash of cultures. The way Americans live is very different from the way Haitians do. But my parents tried their best to convert to the American style of living and still staying true to their Haitian roots. I remember wanting to get my ears pierced and get tattoos when I got older but I knew that was out of the question with my parents. According to them,…show more content…
I embrace and love the fact that I’m Haitian but after reading This Be The Verse I couldn’t help but reflect on how my parents have affected my life and my growth. I appreciate everything they’ve done and I’m going to use everything I know and have experienced to help my kids when I have them myself which means I didn’t listen to Larkin when his said don’t have any kids at the end of the
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