Poem Analysis: Uncoiling By Pat Mora

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The poem I will be analyzing will be “Uncoiling” by Pat Mora. The theme the author is portraying is the personification of a tornado . It has a dark/fearful/grim tone as she describes the storm that is accruing. The author is using similes, and personification to convey the theme. The very first figurative language used in the poem is personification. It is located in the very first stanza. It reads, “With thorns, she scratches on my window, tosses her hair dark with rain, snares lightning, cholla, hawks, butterfly swarms in the tangles”(Pat Mora, 1942, p.613). This shows a tornado being personified like a women who is reeking havoc on this town, whose hair is a symbol of harsh winds, which cases the tone of this poem to sound even more fearful.

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