Poem At Thirty Nine Poem Analysis

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The poems that we will discuss are all explored by the theme of death like "War Photographer" by Carol Ann Duffy, "a Mother In A Refugee Camp" by Chinua Achebe, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas, "Piano" by D.H Lawrence, "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning and finally "Poem at Thirty Nine" by Alice Walker. These poems all portray the theme of death and loss and how the people that get affected adapt to the loss of their loved ones and their family. Firstly, I will discuss how these poems portray the theme of death within a family, a great example is "A Mother in a refugee camp", where the mother is affected by the death of her son and the suffering of her loved one "child could touch her tenderness for a son" this shows…show more content…
"Ghost" emphasis her child and how he is gone and it hasn 't hit her yet. Death in war is such a recurring scene in the poems, like "war photographer", which is described to be in war and also describes the death of men, women and children in war, "spools of suffering set out in ordered rows", ordered rows means the graves of humans that lost their lives in war, also "blood stained into foreign dust" which is a metaphor to describe the impact this war and all the other wars affect these countries and their people. "Mother in a refugee camp" also links to death in war, which affected her personally by the death of her son, because of their presence in a refugee camp; we must assume that they were displaced and that what might have caused the death of her only…show more content…
Although death is very common in these poems, hope is not lost by many characters, like in the poem "do not go gentle into that good night", which describes the relationship between a son and a father fighting for the life of the father, "forked no lightning" is a metaphor which describe the fight of an old man trying to live on in the outmost horrible conditions and the spread of diseases and the lack of medicine, which links to how people were unfortunate to be living in 1947, a time of war, where there was a lack of medical personal or anyone to help his father to survive. My next point about the theme of death affected by religious reasons, which can be linked to some of the poems, such as "War Photographer", Duffy personifies war as an act of crime and the eradication of many civil rights and innocent people and sadly, these occur, because of religious believers who can 't withstand what other people think or believe in, this is clearly shown in "War
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