Poem Comparison: Heartbeat By David Yoo

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The image my friends see me as, how I look, how I act… it is not who I am. I am different. I put on an act. My friends gave me the nickname “Heartbeat”, but that is not who I am either. Then, who am I? Find out in “Heartbeat” by David Yoo. David is his real name, he goes to school and is like any other normal kid, but because he is so skinny he earned himself the name, "Heartbeat". He does not want to be this skinny, disgustingly thin person anymore, so he decides to work out, eat more protein, gain some muscle, and just about anything else. One day, he thought his struggles had finally paid off when the girl he liked said, " Have you been working out, Dave?", but really it was something else, an accident, a lie. He had worn two shirts that
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