Poem Essay: Summay Day On A Rainy Day

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When we go in
To find our seats
Dad asks us
What we want to eat.

Mom gets a coke
And candy drops,
And Dad gets popcorn
In a box.

I get a little box of pez
“Nothing for me,” my sister says.

We take our seats,
The movie starts,
And every time,
I don’t know how,

That’s when I hear my sister say,
“I think I’d like some popcorn now.” JUMPING IN PUDDLES

How many puddles
Would a boy find
On a rainy day
At quarter to nine?

Little John set out,
No umbrella at all,
To find each one
And he found them all. [[insert picture 005 here]] THE MAGIC OF BOOKS

I took down a book,
And I traveled away
To a land where dolphins
Splash and play.

And rode through the jungle
Just for fun,
Where elephants stood
In the morning sun.

And over a lake
The birds flew by,
Lifting their wings
In the morning sky.

In a book you can
Travel anywhere
And never leave
Your favorite chair.

Go anywhere
You want to be,
And then get home

Vacations are to go and rest,
We thought the dog should maybe come–
He’s pretty busy every day,
And tired as everyone.

And then the bird was looking sad
And watched us from afar,
‘Till finally we grabbed her cage
And put her in the car.

We would have left the fish behind,
But then it was our wish
To give him more excitement
Than just living in a dish.

Then we climbed in and waited,
For Mom and Dad to come,

Dad came outside, “What’s all of this!”
Was all that he could say,
And if you knew My Dad, you’d know
It wasn’t

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