Al-Qassim Eram Analysis

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Al-Qassim lived in a very cultured and educated family. As a result of this environment, he got informed with a numerous legendary stories. He uses these legends in his poetry. Especially in the early collections as in 1964 "Songs of routes" and 1965 "Eram." In his poem, " incomplete poem," he employs "Sodom," the legendary town, which is the town that is inhabited by sodomites, the people Lot, the prophet. It is a historical city in the Dead Sea. It was said that gods burned it because of the vices that are made by its people. It is burned by pouring fire and sulfur on it to annihilate their offspring and create a new ones with virtues. No one remained alive but Lot the prophet and his two daughters.27 Al-Qassim employs this in his poem by…show more content…
Both towns are cursed one day. But there are difference between the two. While Sodom is cursed because of the vices of its people, the poet 's town destroyed by those vice people who put their anger on the birds ' nests, innocence, and childhood, where they were living in peace and its doors are open to all strangers. Unlike Sodom that deserved the torture and curse, sodomites invaded his peaceful town. In this way, Al-Qassim mingles the present and the past to personify the destructive state of his town. This poem shows a dramatic scene where the Palestinian people are the hero that symbolizes the birds that refer to peace, harmlessness, purity, and freedom. They are very generous people till the Israelis had come. The poet describes them as the people who got lost and the killers who destroy everything beautiful in life. 29 In another poem," Antigone," the poet uses Greek mythology of king "Oedipus."30 Antigone is one of Oedipus 's daughter, the cursed king who paid the price of his father 's guilt. As a result of this gods cursed Oedipus by making him killing his father and marrying his mother. So Antigone and her sister are the fruit of this prophecy. Antigone is the one who stood by her father 's side in his catastrophe. She symbolizes loyalty who remained by her father 's side till the end. Al-Qassim here is the mouth speech of
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