Poem In Al-Qassim's Poetry Of Eram

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Al-Qassim lived in a very cultured and educated family. As a result of this environment, he got informed with a numerous legendary stories. He uses these legends in his poetry. Especially in the early collections as in 1964 "Songs of routes" and 1965 "Eram." In his poem, " incomplete poem," he employs "Sodom," the legendary town, which is the town that is inhabited by sodomites, the people Lot, the prophet. It is a historical city in the Dead Sea. It was said that gods burned it because of the vices that are made by its people. It is burned by pouring fire and sulfur on it to annihilate their offspring and create a new ones with virtues. No one remained alive but Lot the prophet and his two daughters.27 Al-Qassim employs this in his poem by saying : Once upon time The worst day ever people got lost walking under the tent of night to birds ' nests . . . living at the crossroads of routes its doors are open to all strangers its fence from flowers and shade and in heavens always seen by god a firestorm erupted its peace crushed its harmless birds ' nests smashed a garden . . but neither restored Sodom nor bought back the great black shame of " Rome" nor spoiled the beauty of life. 28 In this poem, he uses the story of Sodom, mixing it with the story of his town. Both towns are cursed one day. But there are difference between the two. While Sodom is cursed because of the vices of its people, the poet 's town destroyed by those vice people who put their anger on the birds '

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