Poem Review Of 'A Majestic Playground'

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A Majestic Playground
Rays of glorious, bright sunshine cast a brilliant gleam of warmth across a child’s getaway. Next to the majestic metal castle of amusement, which contains a child’s dream, lies a merry-go-round which, to the children, turns as fast as a cheetah running through the savanna. Behind the merry-go-round lies an orange bench that is a traveled piece of furniture where parents go to watch and enjoy the happiness of their little cherubs. To look closely, one will hear the squeak of the swings and see the muddy earth beneath the squeals of delight similar to the monkey’s in the monkey cage at the zoo. The bee’s buzz and the bird’s chirp, create a whirlwind of excitement along with the rustling of the leaves next to the swinging seats of joy to show that the warmth and sunshine
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A field of soft grass, once dead from winter’s wrath, lies next to the youth playing on the squeaky swings and the slope of the hill seems to beacon to the children as their laughter fills the air. Above the hill, white streaks of marshmallow fluff glide across the bright, blue sky like a sailboat on a windy day moving across a lake. Closely behind the grassy slope, an array of bushes stand guard to prevent the tiny humans from passing through the wall of green crooked branches. In the center of the grassy hill lies a seemingly lifeless pile of dirt that causes curious children to ruin the knees of his or her jeans for some tiny toddler humor. Posterior to the hill, next to the army of bushes, lies a forest of trees made up of tough bark and leaves that whistle. Observed in the distance, a slippery slide starts on top of the hill and adores the steep slope where children reach the bottom as fast as a rocket zooming back down to earth. Basking in the warmth of the sunny spring day, the children crawl from one new adventure to another across the vast plethora of objects on the uniquely

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