Poem Risks

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Everyone takes risks. Some risks fail miserably, but some pay off in the long run. There are many risks that can be taken, each ranging from a little bit risky to highly risky. But, when all is done, risks need to be taken. Two pieces of writing, the chapter from Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman, “A Boy and a Man”, which is about a kid who risks his life to save a man in a crevasse who turns out to be a famous climber, and the poem “Risks” by Janet Rand, telling us all about different risks, share a similar theme. Risks are an important part of life is a theme that both of these pieces of literature have in common. The poem “Risks” clearly shows this theme. This poem is about different risks and why people may avoid them, and how you need to take risks in life. “Risks must be taken, because the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing” (Rand…show more content…
In this chapter, Rudi is climbing alone in the Swiss Alps when he hears someone. It was a man in a crevasse in the ice, and he saves the guy by taking off his clothes and making it into a rope. After he saved the man, he realizes that the man is a famous climber, Captain Cold. To start, Rudi went out into the Swiss Alps behind his mother’s back to climb. Rudi took this risk to do something he loves and connect with his dead dad as much as possible, so this is an important moment for him to take a risk, and the risk paid off. Next, Rudi took the risk of trying to save the man in the crevasse alone, having nothing but his clothes and a hiking stick. There was no time for him to get help, so he took off all of his clothes, tied them to his stick, and made a rope. He ended up saving a man that was a well known climber. This risk was important because if he didn’t take this risk that man would have died in the crevasse. Rudi risked his life to save someone, and he was rewarded because he turned out to be a famous climber that he liked. Finally, Captain Cold
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