Poem Summary: The Promise Of America

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The Promise of America Within the illustration, the poem by Emma Lazarus, and FDR’s speech the promise of America is shown. Each source has their own take on the promise of America brought to immigrants, but they each have one thing in common, the Statue of Liberty. She brings the immigrants hope in the New World. She is a beacon of peace for the rest of the world. She is a symbol of freedom, being an immigrant herself. The Statue of Liberty shows the promise of America in hope, peace, and freedom. In the illustration, “An ocean steamer passing the Statue of Liberty: Scene on the Steerage Deck,” from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper the hope that America brings to the immigrants is shown. The Statue of Liberty is shown with light surrounding her, while the other part of the sky is dark and ominous. The illustrator is showing that the statue is a beacon of light and hope for the people traveling to see the New World. Since Ellis Island is the immigrants first stop on their journey in the New World, this is where their hopeful new life begins. The promise of America is shown in the light surrounding the Statue of Liberty that symbolizes hope. “The New Colossus,” by Emma Lazarus shows the freedom that America offers. Lazarus writes about the Statue of Liberty and her opening the golden door for the immigrants. She takes in exiles and gives them…show more content…
Roosevelt’s speech, “Address on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty,” the American promise of peace is shown. FDR describes the statue as a symbol of peace to the immigrants. FDR says, “It was the hope of those who gave us this Statue and the hope of the American people in receiving it that the Goddess of Liberty and the Goddess of Peace were the same” (Roosevelt 11). In their steerage, they looked for the Goddess of Peace to take their troubles of their old land away. They wanted the unity that America promised them to bring them peace. They wanted a better, peaceful
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