Poe's Use Of Verbal Irony Analysis

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Poe often uses words and actions to imply the opposite of their literal meanings this is called literary irony; there are three types of literary irony and Poe makes excellent use of two kinds in his story, “The Cask of Amontillado.” According to the website,, “Verbal irony takes place when the speaker says something in sharp contrast to his or her actual meaning,” the dialog between the two main characters is full of verbal irony. The other literary irony Poe uses in his story is situational irony; the catacombs that belong to the family Fortunato are a good setting for situational irony. According to Situational irony occurs when incongruity appears between expectations of the reader or about what should happen, and what actually happens instead.
The story, told through the eyes of the protagonist, Montresor, is a tale of horror that includes injuries, suspense, and murder. Poe uses verbal irony extensively in his short story, “The
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Fortunato say "I drink," he said, "to the buried that repose around us." Montresor says “And I to your long life.” Fortunato toasted to himself because he knew soon enough that he would be going the dead. While Montresor jokingly toasted to Fortunato and for him to live his long life, even though he knew that he was going to die. Poe also uses Situational irony in his short story. One way Poe uses situational irony is when he starts to describe how Montresor was dress and the what carnival was like. In the story Poe describes how Montresor is dress like a joker. Poe also describes how the carnival is not a fun and exciting place to be. While Montresor was dress like the joker it distracts Fortunato so he does not expect anything horrible to happen to him. Which is not really true because Fortunato is still going to be the victim of a heinous
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