Poetic Devices In Winter Wonderland

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In the song “Winter Wonderland” Richard B. Smith, the lyricist created the theme that is to not take things for granted, instead go out and enjoy it by using the poetic devices of imagery, personification, and rhyme. Throughout the entire song thoughts of snow and sleigh rides went through my mind, as well as many other people’s. I believe that Smith did a magnificent job of having the lyrics fulfil the title Winter Wonderland. I chose this song for a couple of reasons actually, the first is that I extremely miss the snow and the coldness, basically the “normal” characteristics for winter in the North East where I mainly lived. Secondly, I have loved this song, even more around Christmas time, since I was a child. Thirdly and finally, this…show more content…
Imagery is used in this song to create the beautiful scene of being with someone close to you during the winter time, and also it creates the sense of snow falling around you while the song is being sung. The first lyric that I found from Winter Wonderland to help support the poetic device of imagery is “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”(7) This phrase extends the theme of not taking winter for granted and going outdoors for a nice stroll, and enjoying the beautiful sights of winter, it even goes further with that by making you feel like you are walking along the narrator’s side. The second evidence found in the song is “As we dream by the fire.”(21) This extends the theme by looking at the flames of the fire, and thinking about the past and the future, dreaming about what will happen next, also wanting winter to last, so they are making the most of it. The third and final evidence that explains further on the poetic device of imagery is “In the meadow we can build a snowman.”(26) This goes further with the theme of going out and enjoying things while they last, by having the enjoyment of building a snowman, with someone close to you, also this quote allows you to create a clear image in your head of a snowy meadow where two people are building a snowman. Overall the poetic device of imagery does a magnificent job of making the song feel personal and more
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