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One can strive for fame or dream about it, but the most enjoyable is its gain. Little Chloe Anthony Wofford (the real name of the world-known American writer Toni Morrison), who grew up in a simple family of black workers from Ohio, hardly ever thought to become not only glorified all over the world, but also to be the one to liberate millions of African-Americans from the complex of inferiority, turning black color at a self-sufficient element of American culture and consciousness. Innovative poetic techniques of Toni Morrison combine bold literary experiment, folklore tradition and sharpness of reaction towards social and cultural upheavals in the country and in the world. The writer 's close interest in cultural, spiritual and historical…show more content…
Magical realism is defined as a special type of artistic thinking, characteristic to different heterogeneous phenomena in the literature of the 20th century, in which writer denies the fruitfulness of rationalist thinking in an effort to express and artistically comprehend mythic-magical model of the world-view. It is characterized by the organic use of fantastic elements along with easily distinguishable features of historical reality. The insertion in the realistic narrative of a supernatural element, that cannot be explained from the standpoint of the common universal laws,- is of a great importance. Another traceable element is a depiction of two coexisting and inter-penetrating artistic worlds (real, surreal) and perspectives, one of which is based on the “enlightened”, rationalistic vision of reality and the other- on the acceptance of supernatural logic as a part of everyday life. As Chilean-American writer Isabel Allende said: ' 'Life is very mysterious and there are many things we do not know. And there are elements of magic realism in every culture, everywhere. It is just accepting that we do not everything and everything is possible ' '. Moreover, the author 's position in relation to the depiction of natural and supernatural events is hidden. The existence of the magical world is achieved due to realistic description of unusual images or situations. Not only does the author destruct the traditional notion of temporal and spatial boundaries with the aim of…show more content…
The tradition of magical realism, which form the most important element of T. Morrison 's works in the1917th-1990s, is based on the synthesis of a multitude literary and cultural layers: the poetics of a new Latin-American novel, European and American literary traditions, African and Afro-American folklore and mythology, classical mythology and Biblical motifs. The writer 's appeal to the cultural and historical experience of Afro-American ethnic groups, the specifics of their cosmology, the identity of culture – all of these are of particular importance in creating the work with ' 'magical ' ' atmosphere. The tendency to combine realistic and supernatural is already detectable in Morrison 's early prose writing. Magical realism of ' 'Sula ' ' supplements a number of unusual situations that go beyond the boundaries of everyday life, some of which do not find any possible rational explanation. The main characters depicted there are far from the ordinary ones. The most unusual, in my opinion, are Dewey boys. There is no kinship between them; they are all of different age and skin color, but there is something mysterious in

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