Comparing Poetic Knight's Poem 'If I Don T Cry'

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Then i see you Fill the papers To create drama, Instead of feeding The hungry and reach Reach those without their Papa or mama. Nat Berhanu • 179 • Poetic Knight They kept on saying They keep on saying Two is better than one But then again, If one is driven by fear, The other one will fall apart Far apart never near. Wishful thinking is for beginners I’ll leave it to you now I might just join the sinners. Let me tango alone Till i find the strength. If i don’t, i’ll keep fighing on. From unforgivness to malicious To suffocation of on’e hope, Even if they didn’t succeed For the next generation They sure planted the bad seed. You can be, Be positive Be creative Always willing to give. Separate yourself From the poison That is among The public
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